The 3 secrets you can revolutionise the way you provide training about Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing

Learn how to become the strategic partner of CEOs in improving their company's overall mental health and wellbeing

√   Discover the 3 secrets that revolutionised the way we approach and provide training about Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing

√   Learn what Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing is really about and how you can create a revenue stream from it

√   Learn how to become a Certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator is and what responsibilities they entail

√   Learn how to make your first

√   Find out about our CPD-certified course and how to take advantage of it

Who am I?

My name is Bjørn Jepsen.

I have always gained great satisfaction from seeing people develop and increase their ability to perform mentally. 

I first discovered this passion when I was working with sport athletes. I then discovered that I was able to move these athletes from being top 10 performers to being top 3 performers only by improving their mental mindset. 

After a full double degree and a university background I started my professional job doing executive recruitments both nationally and internationally. Finding the right match between the person and the company was very enriching, but my true call lies in working with people over time.

I started WeFocus out of a passion of wanting to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing in the workplace from a scientific point of view and a proactive approach.

To be where I am today is great, but it has been a long journey. I, therefore, made this program to make your journey a lot easier and shorter.

What others think about becoming a CPD-certified corporate mental health facilitator?

If you only try to fix problems, then that’s the only outcome you’ll ever get. At best, you will only ever be able to fix the problems but you will never be able to improve people, you’ll never be able to get them to a place where they’re using all their skills, all their knowledge, and that’s really what the Corporate Mental Health Facilitation process is all about. It’s getting the best out of people and not just minimising the problems.

Lee Sharp

Director of Mental Health at K2 Associates UK Limited

I was first attracted to the program because it had a really strong business case for focusing on mental health within the workplace and especially during the pandemic. The program itself has been really enjoyable. I like the combination of using neuroscience, inspiring real life stories and practical elements as well.

Nita Pankhania

Director, L&D Consultant