What Our Certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitators Have to Say About the Training

I was first attracted to the program because it had a really strong business case for focusing on mental health within the workplace and especially during the pandemic. The program itself has been really enjoyable. I like the combination of using neuroscience, inspiring real-life stories and practical elements as well.
Nita Pankhania
Director, L&D Consultant
Ian Hadden
Technical Planner
Dean Adekunle
Worked as a nurse for 17 years
If you only try to fix problems, then that’s the only outcome you’ll ever get. At best, you will only ever be able to fix the problems but you will never be able to improve people, you’ll never be able to get them to a place where they’re using all their skills, all their knowledge, and that’s really what the Corporate Mental Health Facilitation process is all about. It’s getting the best out of people and not just minimising the problems.
Lee Sharp
Director of Mental Health at K2 Associates UK Limited
Daniel Cooney
High Performance Coach & Corporate Mental Health Facilitator
Kerry Water
Technical Planner

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I am delighted to report that since becoming a qualified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator I have secured work with 3 clients in the pharmaceutical industry and one from the Financial Services sector. The product is robust, and the activities have created a very favorable response.
Richard Giles
Coach & Consultant
The course structures the process of how you would come in and improve the mental health wellbeing of corporate clients and their staff, it’s a well-structured way and it is supported by the app, which is fantastic so you can monitor the progress.
David Mack
Self-employed Coach and Consultant
What I really enjoyed about the course is that it provided me with a strong business case for focusing on mental health, especially in the corporate workplace. The course is very digestible and split into in smaller parts, making the information very approachable. It is supported by the mobile app which is a very strong support to the overall course experience.
Nita Pankhania
Learning and Development Director | Leadership and Team Development | Talent | Consultant
This training is truly a must for anyone who works with people on a day to day basis, I would go as far as to say that people in HR also would really benefit. Not forgetting the additional content to ensure you can fly once you have completed the course.
Kim Cutler
I highly recommend this course for any trainer or otherwise who wants to help others benefit from better mental health, whether it is for the business bottom-line or for their own personal wellbeing.

Cyrille Jégu
Self & Team Leadership coach, trainer, facilitator
The course has equipped me with good knowledge to explain the issues we face in todays workplace and how they spill over to life outside work. It also provides great technique to improve focus, performance, and rest.
Heather Serjeant
Freelance Writer, Editor, and Documentation Manager
There is no leadership of management development program that factors in what I have been learning through this certification. I think that leaders should not be taking courses in coaching. What you want to focus on is a skill that you will always need which is Corporate Mental Health. This course truly enables you to focus on what has to be done in order for your team to truly perform their best and a crucial factor in this is improving their mental health.
Omar Ismail
An absolutely fascinating process from start to finish! Really interesting how the elements are combined together to create a coherent strategy which will be very important for employees and employers alike. It is a really important step to change the corporate culture from top to bottom to make a positive change in the corporate setting.
Bill Cunningham
Master of Science
What I’ve gained from the course is the ability going forward to market my expertise in a business context. This context complete with relevant statistics, will enable me to position myself more strategically in the corporate marketplace. Speaking directly to business owners and senior management on their own terms, in their own business language.
Helen Ranson
Founder of surviving me, Mental Health Facilitator
I have been very blown away by the fact that the whole thing has been very well presented and very well put together. There has never been a more critical time to look at corporate mental health, we spend a predominant amount of our time in the workplace and this is an area where we can really start to affect positive change, I believe it and I am very passionate about it.
Tracey Bovingdon
Director & Senior Business Leader
I really enjoy the process of this course, they made it so simple and digestible and the beauty of that is that is based on the neuroscience of Mental Health.
Kola Adetu
I have very much enjoyed the certification training so far. The learning method – watch a 20 minute video and answer questions, really suits my style. I really enjoy interrupting the learning into my own stories and examples and receiving feedback from Bjorn. I now look forward to my learning every other day and have started to miss it on the days I don’t have to a video to watch!
Suzanne Wood
I feel more confident to discuss the subject of corporate mental health and wellbeing, now I have all the relevant data and case studies that prove when investment is put into this area the results speak for themselves. As well as all the theoretical knowledge I have gained, I have learned many new practical techniques to use with individuals and groups to help them maintain good mental health and wellbeing.
Heather Rayfield
Managing Principal Consultant
I see the knowledge of how to use cognitive training tools and exercises adding for me an additional dimension to my own corporate and personal coaching and therapy services as well as extending my own efforts to improving my own personal mental health.
Laurence Nicholson
Corporate Performance Coach, self-employed at Ncube Group
For me the key things I will be taking from this course would be the constructive pause, I find that a really helpful tool and I have been implementing that in some sessions I have been doing already.
Tim Lloyd
I really appreciated the course. I believe the course put together all the knowledge and experience I had and also gave me and extra edge with the new material, I really really appreciate that!
Costas Lambropoulos