The best FREE online training: "Working with Mental Health & Wellbeing on a strategic level in organisations"

What can you learn from the online training?

You probably have a passion for helping other people. We will teach you how you can pursue this dream.

We will teach you how you can help people by increasing the Mental Health & Wellbeing of others in the workplace.

How you can build a profitable coaching/consultancy business.

A proactive, innovative and unique approach to working with wellbeing.

Hi! My name is Bjørn Jepsen I will be your trainer.

I am extremely passionate about Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing. We strive  to give people a bigger mental resource at work and an enhanced ability to relax when they get home from work. Our approach to mental health and wellbeing in organisations is a proactive and a data-driven innovative process. All of our knowledge is scientifically-based and a unique ability for you to work with wellbeing in organisations on a strategic level.