Motivation can increase productivity

The company’s productivity depends on the degree to which employees feel motivated. Motivated employees are up to four times as productive as employees that are not motivated. The Danish Knowledge Center links six key concepts to workplace motivation: satisfaction, rewards, involvement, meaning, influence and development. WeFocus is easy to implement in the everyday life and is an efficient tool to ensures continuous high motivation and the effect can be seen in the results.


Motivation in practice

It is individually determined what drives the individual. In cooperation with your immediate manager, you can define action points that give you an understanding of what drives you. In that way, you can become the best version of yourself. Action points creates the basis for personal development and high motivation, where involvement, influence and development are important factors in this.


Strengthen your ability to execute your knowledge

Image a meeting situation where you are holding back with knowledge that you would like to contribute with but failed to come out with it. Knowledge about cognitive capital explains why executing and bringing our knowledge and experience into play may be a challenge. When we succeed in translating our own knowledge into the present and can form a part of a strong professional community where we feel that our inputs make a difference – here our motivation will increase.


Be successful with motivation

WeFocus provides your customer with a strategic tool that with is different functionalities makes it possible to increase motivation through action points and cognitive training. 5 minutes of cognitive training daily makes it possible to strengthen the ability to execute on your knowledge and experience in the present. An effective ability to execute, means that you perform better and can optimally bring your knowledge and experience intro play and by this come up with solutions to complex problems. The tool also includes surveys which makes it possible to track the development of the individual employee and team. This insight makes it possible to respond quickly if an employee’s motivation drops and helps him or her to the right path of becoming a high performer.