Is being present the new black?

Is our presence drowning in technology and is it just how it is going to be from now on? Yes, technology has changed the society and ways of life, and the consequence is often that you sit at the annual employee party and Instagram how cool it is instead of actually being present and having fun. But is this really just the way it is going to be?

You have a choice

As with everything else i life, we are often so privileged to be able to make our own choices and decisions. You may already have come to the conclusion that you would like to be more present with your children, friends, husband, wife or colleagues – or perhaps your online presence has become that integrated a part of your life that you may have difficulty even identifying that your presence is suffering.


To connect and disconnect 

Today we are all to a greater or lesser extent connected to the large online universe, but at the same time it disconnects us from the human presence. In the past, people were pausing in the canteen and conversing with the colleagues, but today we are rather stuck with our heads down in our smartphones.

We don’t want to miss out

We expect the hotels to have WIFI when we are travelling, and we want to have the feeling of being “on” 24/7. Being constantly connected, however, comes with consequences. We lose our presence we are not mentally present in the present moment and it affects our mental resources and our focus when we for example have to execute on our knowledge and experience.

Make time for being present

But how do you do that in practice? How do you get your focus and presence back at work and at home? At WeFocus we focus on the fact that it does not actually have to be that hard after all. Here are two tips to more presence in your life.

1. The constructive pause

At WeFocus we have developed and designed the constructive pause. All experts agree that the best thing you can do for your brain is to take a break. It gives you both peace, an overview and increased focus. With the constructive break you can get sorted, recognize and prioritize your thoughts that are top of mind for you.

2. Be aware

Make a decision and go actively after achieving it. It is necessary to spend time prioritizing your time and effort when making a decision, otherwise, it will turn into nothing. Space for presence does not come by itself during a busy day. It is one piece of advice that we at WeFocus support the employees in through the tool itself and during the workshop and coaching sessions. By doing this, the participants experience success with their decisions and experience better results both at work and in their private life.