Why you should exercise your emotional intelligence (EQ)

For a long time, it is has been a popular assumption that IQ tests played a crucial role in our personal ability and success. Research over several decades now indicate that emotional intelligence (EQ) plays an even greater role in how successful and good performers we can become. In fact, emotional intelligence plays such a big role that 90% of all top performers are characterized by having a high EQ.


What is emotional intelligence?

The emotional intelligence is intangible and is “something” we have within ourselves. EQ can influence the way we behave, how we navigate in social interactions, or how we make decisions in our work and personal lives. You can probably not recognize that we have reached a point where it is crucial that you have top motivated and sharp employees, which is why it is important that you focus on the emotional intelligence in your business.


EQ and understanding your customers

Emotional intelligence is important in your business because employees with a high EQ are easier to socialize with and understand. For example, it is crucial in a meeting with a customer where it is crucial how quickly you can understand the customer’s world and adapt to both the situation and the solution that the customer wants. With a high EQ, you are good at understanding other people and their actions, making you good at meetings and understanding your customer’s needs.


Did you know that highly emotional intelligent people…

  • Are flexible and good at adapting to change
  • Can distinguish and identify own strengths and weaknesses
  • Are less stressed
  • Listens to and understands their body’s and its limits