A strategic tool for increasing mental health in organisations

Wellbeing is good for business and most importantly it is good for the people because healthy people are happier and more productive. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in the field of providing mental health. Often the work is engaged after the damage has been done. At WeFocus we believe and work from the perspective that if we work with mental health and wellbeing in organisations, before the damage is done, we can further increase productivity, performance and the mental health of others, thereby preventing mental health illnesses.

Practical mental health skills, prevention and awareness training is key to ensuring wellbeing and a productive workplace. Getting certified keeps you current and attractive among your existing and potential customers. Going from a problem-solving to a preventative state of mind is powerful and WeFocus provides you with everything you need: knowledge, education, certification and a facilitation-kit as to how you could facilitate the process.

What's the cost?

What does a certification include?

The Corporate Mental Health facilitation kit
10 free life-time WeFocus profiles
6-weeks online certification training (We offer a faster completion of the certification) 
– The online certification training makes you an expert in: cognitive training, the brain’s functionalities, constructive pause, meditation and breathing, behavioral change, facilitation and sales strategy
2-3 hours of self-directed online work each week
A final exam, to be completed within 48 hours

Price for getting certified £ 3000

Learn more about how you can increase Corporate Mental Health in organisations

We use mental health as a proactive tool to increase innovation and productivity. We have two clear objectives: we want to give people a bigger mental ressource at work and a better ability to relax when being at home.

Join our webinar to learn much more about our approach and knowledge to mental health and wellbeing.

Do you want a free strategy session on Corporate Mental Health?

Do you need a new perspective on your way of working with wellbeing or do you just want to discuss the things you are doing today? We would love to give away our knowledge and experience to you. How can Corporate Mental Health be profitable for your business and your customers business? Together we can resolve the big societal problem surrounding mental health and wellbeing.