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Working days are lost every year due to bad mental health. 

£34.9 billion

Each year

Mental health problems in the UK workforce cost employers almost £35 billion last year.


loss in productivity

Out of the £34.9 billion cost annually 58.3% of this accounts for loss in productivity at work. 

* Numbers from the Centre for Mental Health, 2017.
A strategic tool used to move organisations in a positive direction

Improve mental health and performance

Wellbeing is good for business and most importantly it is good for the people because healthy people are happier and more productive. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in the field of providing mental health. Often the work is engaged after the damage has been done. At WeFocus we believe and work from the perspective that if we work with mental health and wellbeing in organisations, before the damage is done, we can further increase productivity, performance and the mental health of others, thereby preventing mental health illnesses.

Practical mental health skills, prevention and awareness training is key to ensuring wellbeing and a productive workplace. Getting certified keeps you current and attractive among your existing and potential customers. Going from a problem-solving to a preventative state of mind is powerful and WeFocus provides you with everything you need: knowledge, education, certification and a facilitation-kit as to how you could facilitate the process.

As a certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator

You become an expert in...

Improve the mind: Cognitive training

The cognitive training is placed in our mobile app in which you can improve your client’s cognitive abilities while focusing on mental health. 

Our cognitive exercises trains the brain to become a better version. We exercise the brain on the following three parameters:

Impulse control:

When we are mentally unhealthy or stressed, our impulse control is naturally very low. When our impulse control is low we are more inclined to fail to resist temptation, an urge or an impulse. Therefore, it is important to train the impulse control, in order to prevent this from happening as this affects mental health and productivity negatively.

Selective attention:

If we are mentally unhealthy, we are unfocused and this also affects productivity. Training the selective attention enables us to really concentrate and focus on a task. This increases both productivity and wellbeing because we become happy when we do a great job with our tasks.


If we are unfocused and mentally unhealthy it can be hard to focus at work and even at home. Strengthening your attention, means that you can focus for longer periods of time and increase productivity and performance.

Most results with cognitive training are already measurable after 4 weeks. You can use our mental health reports to access this and provide your customer with a clear vision of their progression with their work with mental health.

Measurable results after 4 weeks

The science behind: The Constructive Pause and the Stress Indicator

You become an expert in using and facilitating two of the most important tools when working with mental health and the prevention of bad mental health: The Constructive Pause and the Stress Indicator.

The Constructive pause

In our modern everyday life it can be really difficult to take the time and give your brain a break – because it really needs it! The Constructive Pause is a tool you can use in your workshops or on an individual level. The tool enables a person to identify which thoughts are top of mind for them. By doing this you can move away thoughts that might have taken up your energy and instead use this energy productively. Moving away thoughts that take up a lot of your energy provides the individual with energy for more mental ressources.

Stress indicator

You get educated in using our Stress Indicator. The tool provides you with an objective insight into an individual’s stress levels. This enables you to spot the first signs of bad mental health or mental health illness. The Stress Indicator is also an effective tool for initiating two-way communication and open dialogue which both constitute essential factors in increasing mental health.

Creates more mental space and ressources

Here's 5 Secrets to Corporate Mental Health

Receive our free e-book 5 Secrets to Highly Profitable Corporate Mental Health to learn proven steps to increasing mental health and wellbeing in organisations.

Moving in the right direction: Education and Behavioral Change

Knowledge Base

When certified you get educated in all the relevant knowledge and understandings of mental health factors that affect wellbeing. You will get a variety of knowledge within: neuroscience, psychology, the brain and mental health. You’re then ready to pass on all your new knowledge to your clients and they also get educated in our Knowledge Base in the app when you are doing a process.

Behavioral change

In order to increase mental health and performance you have to move your clients towards their goal. This is done through behavioral change in which you will be educated in how to do this and also we provide you with the tool for doing it. The tool is also provided in the app and is called Action Points. The Action Points are small behavioral changes that the individual wants to change in order to reach their goal in working with mental health. The Action Points are evaluated on and you and the individual can track how far they have come with reaching their goals. 

You learn all the knowledge you need to pass on to your clients

Facilitation- and Marketing-kit


We would like for you to head off to a great start with your certification! Therefore, it includes a marketing-kit with 4 posts that you can use ranging from pictures, videos and text. When you are busy it can be hard to stay relevant and top of mind with your customers – don’t worry we have got you covered!


We want you to be the greatest succes with your new certification! Therefore, the certification includes a manual as to how you can drive a process. A WeFocus process normally consists of 3 workshops and individual work in the app in-between the workshops. You get a step-by-step guide as to how you could facilitate the processes and coaching sessions.

Easy plug-and-play solutions giving you more time to focus on your customers

Mental Health Reports

The Mental Health Reports are unique. They give your clients in depth and personal reports which tracks their progress in cognitive training, constructive pause, action points and learning level. The organisation get evidence based reports proving your results that you have created in their organisation.


The report also includes an overall Mental Health Performance score which gives a general indication of the individual’s mental health state. 

In depth reports proving your results to the client and tracks team- and individual progress

Coaching and Sales Strategy

When you get certified you are offered a coaching session with us where we highlight what your purpose is with working with mental health, which clients fits your purpose and so on. We guide and help you with identifying your take and perspective on the prevention of bad mental health and increase of good mental health. 

In the session and in a manual you also receive a sales strategy. This is our secret we want to share with you as to how we get new clients in our portfolio!


The report also includes an overall Mental Health Performance score which gives a general indication of the individual’s mental health state. 

You’re guided all the way to the customer

What does a

CMHF-certification include

  • Corporate Mental Health facilitation kit (the kit provides everything you need to confidently lead a corporate mental health process)
  • 6-weeks online certification training
  • Free copy of the WeFocus tool-kit manual
  • Cognitive training exercises
  • Behavioral change tool
  • Sales strategy manual
  • Online learning courses
  • Constructive Pause Tool
  • Coaching session 
  • Marketing kit
  • Certification certificate
  • Approx. 2-3 hours of self-directed online work each week. 
  • A final exam, to be completed within 48 hours