Become a certified

Corporate Mental Health Facilitator



This four-week online learning course and webinars will give you the competencies to successfully facilitate mental health and increased performance in organizations.



You become a mental health and high performance expert through deep insight into theory and research on the subject. You also further broaden your facilitation and coaching skills. 



There is a high flexibility when you get a CMHF-certification. The learning courses are online and agile. The final exam is online and to be completed within 48 hours making it easy for you to get certified.

Be unique

Improve mental health and performance. Prove your knowledge. Advance your business.

Getting certified keeps you current and attractive among your existing and potential customers. In a competitive market a CMHF-certification increases your marketability and professional development. You become unique trough new skills and powerful knowledge.

The cost of ignoring mental health in the workplace

You can help solve a £7o billion problem by being a certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator. The competition for delivering growth and development in HR is fierce. You can deliver ambitious and innovative processes and skill up for the future of your industry.

As a certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator you...

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    Mental Health Expert

    You learn about the brain’s functionalities and how performance and mental health can be combined in processes to facilitate increased corporate mental health in organizations.

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    Generate measurable results

    You can create measurable results with your customers through the processes and our online tool. The results are seen in the form of increased mental health at the workplace, increase in business performance and work-life balance.

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    Facilitate corporate mental health processes

    You get certified in and achieve the ability to facilitate mental health processes. Through our online learning courses and exam you get all the knowledge and skills needed to conduct succesful and profitable corporate mental health processes.

As a certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator you...

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    Access to a scientifically based tool

    You learn and get certified in the newest and relevant scientific knowledge about in neuroscience, mental health and performance in order to showcase your skills to your customers. 

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    Solving one of the biggest issues in modern society

    Not only will you increase your customers’ business, you will also contribute to solving a £7o billion annually problem. 

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    Increasing your knowledge and capabilities

    You get certified in a variety of new skills and research-based knowledge. You will learn how to facilitate and implement cognitive training increasing focus and performance, the constructive pause which is a powerfull tool in the modern society, behavioral psychology to facilitate succesfull change in behavior and knowledge about our stress indicators and peak performance.

What does a

CMHF-certification include

  • Corporate Mental Health facilitation kit (the kit provides everything you need to confidently lead a corporate mental health process)
  • 10 free WeFocus profiles
  • Free copy of the WeFocus tool-kit manual
  • Online learning courses
  • 2x 90-minute live collaborative (instructor-led webinars) 
  • Approx. 2-3 hours of self-directed online work each week. Self Directed work begins January 10, 2020
  • A final exam, to be completed within 48 hours


The price includes a full certification as a Corporate Mental Health Facilitator and after completion you receive the title as a certified CMHF. The four-week online certification includes everything you need to successfully facilitate, coach and organize a profitable process. 

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