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Become a Certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator

Are you ready to gain insight into how you can turn your passion for helping other people into your own business by becoming a Corporate Mental Health and Wellbeing Facilitator?

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My Journey

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Bjørn Jepsen and I am the father of three children aged 3, 6 and 9.

I have always gained great satisfaction from seeing people develop and increase their ability to perform mentally. 

I first discovered this passion when I was working with sport athletes. I then discovered that I was able to move these athletes from being top 10 performers to being top 3 performers only by improving their mental mindset. 

After a full double degree and a university background I started my professional job doing executive recruitments both nationally and internationally. Finding the right match between the person and the company was very enriching, but my true call lies in working with people over time.

I started WeFocus out of a passion of wanting to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing in the workplace from a scientific point of view and a proactive approach.

What gives me the greatest satisfaction working with people who want to become a corporate mental health facilitator are:

1. Helping people turn their passion into their own business so they’re only not doing a job they love but also are able to make a living from it

2. Bringing awareness to the importance of corporate mental health and wellbeing

3. Training people to become a corporate mental health facilitators so they create ripples of positive change in the corporate mental health industry


To be where I am today is great, but it has been a long journey. I therefore made this program to make your journey a lot easier and shorter.

My Goals working with Corporate Mental Health are to:

Improve your

knowledge on Corporate

Mental Health and


The single most powerful investment you can ever make in life is to invest in yourself and in turn make something from it, which in this case, is to help spread your knowledge to other people.

Make you the strategic


on organisations

I will help you become the strategic partner on organisations by providing you the tools, training, resources and support you need to make it happen.

Increase your revenue


I will help you create a revenue stream in an industry that is still untapped and unsaturated therefore providing your business with unlimited growth potential

What Our Certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitators Have To Say

I am delighted to report that since becoming a qualified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator I have secured work with 3 clients in the pharmaceutical industry and one from the Financial Services sector. The product is robust, and the activities have created a very favorable response.
Richard Giles
Coach & Consultant
I highly recommend this course for any trainer or otherwise who wants to help others benefit from better mental health, whether it is for the business bottom-line or for their own personal wellbeing.

Cyrille Jégu
Self & Team Leadership coach, trainer, facilitator
What I’ve gained from the course is the ability going forward to market my expertise in a business context. This context complete with relevant statistics, will enable me to position myself more strategically in the corporate marketplace. Speaking directly to business owners and senior management on their own terms, in their own business language.
Helen Ranson
Founder of surviving me, Mental Health Facilitator
I feel more confident to discuss the subject of corporate mental health and wellbeing, now I have all the relevant data and case studies that prove when investment is put into this area the results speak for themselves. As well as all the theoretical knowledge I have gained, I have learned many new practical techniques to use with individuals and groups to help them maintain good mental health and wellbeing.
Heather Rayfield
Managing Principal Consultant