A Corporate Mental Health Facilitator Certification

Enables you to...


Our certification is a structured and recognised approach to learning by The CPD Certification Service.

  • Approach Corporate Mental Health in a proactive way

  • Gain knowledge and competence based on science

  • Run a data-driven and app-based mental health process

  • Increase wellbeing and mental health of both new and existing clients

  • Have an easy strategy for creating a revenue stream in your business

A quick overview of the course

6-weeks online learning course

How is the learning structured?

You will receive 3 learning videos per week where you will approx. spend 2-3 hours per week to reflect upon questions related to every learning video.

As something unique, you will be in continuous dialogue with us through feedback from us on your reflections ensuring that you understand all the material correctly - this is what we call loop-learning.

Split your payment

(Limited seats available for this offer)

We offer split-payments. If you choose split-payment we charge £199 every month for 6 months.

The special offer includes:

  • Executive CMH Program

    This is a 6-week online certification training where I will be walking you through all the processes needed in order for you to gain the certification.

  • CMHF Certification

    This is accredited by The CPD Accreditation Service. You will receive this once you’ve completed the online training.

  • Marketing-kit

    You will receive weekly posts and images that you can use on your social media to stay relevant and attract customers! We know it can be difficult to find the time to do it – we’ve got you covered!

  • Facilitation-kit

    Workshop presentations making it easy for you to start a process with your clients on your own.

  • Coaching session

    We will spend an hour together with you focusing only on how we can drive and develop your business in a proactive direction.

  • Sales Strategy Manual

    How to approach new customers and sell them your new skills that you have obtained through the certification? We share our secrets as to how we sell to our customers.

  • One-year Access

    You will have a 1-yr access to all the support you’ll ever need to grow your business.

Deliver innovative and data-driven processes to your clients with our mobile application

After completing our 6-weeks online training you will be able to deliver innovative and data-driven processes to your clients through our mobile app and physical workshops. You can read more about the app’s feature here.

Online reporting

You can provide your clients with real-time data on their progression with their mental health journey. You will give your client concrete results and physical reports based on a group- or individual level. 

What other people say about the certification

Nigel Pacey

“The course itself I found very useful. It’s provided me with a number of new techniques I did not know about. It’s provided a structure for me to fit in the work I am doing. I think the app is a tremendous asset for the organisations that I am working with.”

Ruth Pearson

“Thank you for your encouragement. I am learning a lot by completing this training course.”

Suzanne Wood

”I have very much enjoyed the certification training so far. The learning method – watch a 20 minute video and answer questions, really suits my style. I really enjoy interrupting the learning into my own stories and examples and receiving feedback from Bjorn. I now look forward to my leaning every other day and have started to miss it on the days I don’t have a video to watch!”

Omar Ismail

“There is no leadership or management development programme that factors in what I have been learning through this certification. I think that leaders should not be taking courses in coaching. What you want to focus on is a skill that you will always need which is Corporate Mental Health. This course truly enables you to focus on what has to be done in order for your team to truly perform their best and a crucial factor in this is improving their mental health.”

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I purchase the certification offer now and start the training later?

Yes, you can purchase the certification offer now and start your training when it suits you best. The offer is limited to a specific number of seats and for a limited time.

Is there an ongoing cost for the certification?

No, there is no ongoing fee for this certification. There is only a one-time payment. This also includes split-payment. No additional costs.

Do I have to be an expert?

Luckily this course is designed to work for those already in the game looking to take their business to the next level or for those who truly want to engage in or have a passion for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Is the course accredited? 

Yes, our course is accredited by The CPD Certification Service in the UK ensuring the best quality and recognition for you.

I am not sure if this is something for me?

If you’re not quite sure if this is something for you we offer a 14-day full money back guarantee from the day you start your training.

How much time do I need to make this work?

The certification training takes 6-weeks and is fully online. You receive a new learning video 3 times per. week in which you have to reflect on questions for every video. You can finish and watch the videos in your own pace and therefore the training is very flexible. It requires approx. 2-3 hours per. week.