Three minutes is the global trend for how often we get disturbed in a modern day of life



An average human brain generates fifty thousand thoughts per day



Within the UK, mental health problems in the workplace cost the economy approximately 70 billion British pounds

The process

How we do it

Your starting point is where we begin the journey together. It is important that we have a thorough knowledge of your business and current challenges in order to improve your results.

The first meeting is an analysis that sheds light on what you are doing right now and where we discuss the challenges that will form the starting point for both the process and training.

The cognitive training is important for the new mental habits that are going to become a regular part of everyday life. You have to do brain training, take constructive breaks and execute on specific individual efforts.

The purpose of the various workshops is to strengthen your understanding of mental habits, as well as what is needed to change and improve them, both in the short and long term.

The results can be seen and felt both in the private life and worklife, where this is seen both at the team and individual level. The results further form the basis for future efforts.

All experts agree that ...

All experts agree that the best thing you can do for your brain is to take a break. It gives you both peace, overview and focus. But it can be hard to do in a busy everyday life. That is why we have developed the constructive break that you can start using today. Get your free guide here.

The product

We offer you

A customizable proces that strengthens your team’s mental resources – for better performance at work and at personal level.



The focus is about being concentrated at a particular point or task in a given context. It makes you perform your task better and allows you to be present. By sharpening your focus, it becomes possible to act in the present.


There must be a balance between the private life and work life. At the same time, there must be a balance between resources and tasks. When we have balance, it brings increased well-being and a desire for development.


Performance is about creating good results. When we do well, we create a bigger surplus. This means that we become better at problem solving and at keeping track. We thereby benefit from our efforts.


In order to have energy, we need to be well rested and have a clear head. The more energy we have – the more reflective we are towards our fellow human beings and in relation to everyday activities.

Free focus test

Take the pulse of your focus. In a modern and busy everyday life, it is easy to lose your focus fast. You can take our focus test here, it is completely free and you get your results right away.

How to get certified?

Any process can be customized and based on your situation. In order to buy the full tool you have to get certified. Read more by clicking the ‘Read more’ button.


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I will help you get certified
and support you through
the process.

You'll lead the process


Together, we must identify your strengths and where there is a need to make extra efforts to strengthen your mental resources, both at work and in private.


In order for us to grow and develop in a modern world, it is important that we grow both analog and digitally. You will facilitate the process through our app and in the meeting with the customers physically.


Together we define the areas of action that are needed for us to reach the goal of strengthening your results.


Even the best results are the starting point for future efforts, which is why we make continuous evaluations that strengthen you in your further development.

About WeFocus

We focus
on development

We offer an online tool that gives you a detailed insight into the organization’s performance level, as well as the potential for individual and shared improvement. Through a dedicated effort with learning, play and training, we strengthen the organization’s balance, energy, focus and performance.

Many companies are aware that good performance requires health and well-being. Today, the pace is so high that it is hard to stay ahead of the activities that can prevent stress and promote mental performance.

We are subject to disturbances and changes like never before and this will only grow in the future. It greatly challenges our ability to focus and our concentration level. Our vision is to create a movement of focused people who support each other in everyday important tasks – and at the same time living a meaningful life. We believe that this focus will help you balance your private and work life. It will give you a proactive energy and ensure that your performance matters.


WeFocus creates a movement of focused people who support each other in everyday important tasks – and live a meaningful life.


WeFocus forms work communities that set the agenda for personal development, mental health and good performance.

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